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Komal Pandey

The only fashion therapy one needs is to scan through Komal Pandey’s Instagram. A hub for everything fashion, Komal Pandey is the medicine that your creative block needs.

Not everyone gets to be a trendsetter when it comes to fashion. Especially with the plethora of sources to consume fashion, one can only hope to put their creativity to the test and stand out among the crowd. To be that person and protrude in this content industry, one must be able to take risks. And to those asking why, Komal Pandey and her success should be reason enough.

The beauty of Komal’s story is not that she is considered to be amongst the top fashion influencers in India today, but the journey that she dared to take to get here. In the conservative environment that exists in our society, fashion has always been one industry where everyone is open to expressing their creativity in the wildest way possible. By letting go of any guilt, and fear of judgment the industry welcomes one being themselves with open arms. Komal putting out content and receiving love for it states just how great these platforms are for the community.

She is always considered an influential fashionista who is not afraid to experiment with any and all kinds of clothing. People find themselves flabbergasted by her unique take on the most basic piece of clothing and her ability to turn it into a classy couture, straight out of a high-class fashion label. Big, chunky jewelry is not always gaudy, but something that can transform a look into a statement. Saree draping has only become even more fun, something we can wear for any and all events after seeing Komal's lewks.

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The way she decides to present her looks to the world could only be described by the most superlative adjectives one can find in a dictionary. She is classy, chic, soft, powerful, and most of all, vogue. If there is one thing Komal knows well it's weaving stories through her outfits and the 1.9 million who follow her have embraced them with open arms. From wearing a choti with a flouncy sleeve top, layering a shirt, corset, and jacket, showing one how to wear lingerie with a saree, to looking like a 1920s Hollywood queen, sizzling in red or bringing pop culture looks to life, it feels like she's acing it all.

But one thing that people really love her for is how headstrong she is when dealing with her trolls. Among all the praises, there are always a few who sneak in with their negativity. Komal has always been graceful in how she deals with them. Deciding to do it in her own creative way must be one of the best parts of being on her page.

And among all those praises, trolls, and continued efforts to put out something valuable for her followers, one can only imagine the exhaustion that comes with being a successful fashion influencer and Komal was brave enough to let her followers know about it. It only added to people’s love for her.

Happy Birthday Komal! Here's wishing to see more of those killer looks!

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