Take a look at some of these videos by the grandson-grandmother duo, Kunal Bhan, and his nana that have been receiving a lot of love online.

If there is someone that we are close to more than our own parents, it’s got to be our grandparents. There is nothing more calming than being in the presence of your grandparents. From showering us with all the attention in the world to filling our tummies with a lot of Ghar ka khana, they just can’t stop loving us. They’re the OG Netflix who made our childhood memorable with their unlimited stories and they’re also who we rely on when we get scolded by our parents. They’re always there for you. And Indian content creator and actor, Kunal Bhan is sharing this relationship with his grandmother with the world.

It’s always amusing to see our grandparents try their luck with the internet. While some still end up clueless about what’s happening, there are also some who just nail it on the platform. His nana happens to be one of them. She might be old but she has got enough sass to eat up the internet. The grandson-grandmother duo is winning over Instagram with their cute banter and we are all in for it. His series “Pickup lines with grandmother” is a great example of how amazing the duo is. We made a list of some of their videos that you cannot miss out.

Check them out!

Do you miss your grandparents after watching this? Then go let them know you love them.

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