Kusha Kapila, Ankush Bahuguna, and Aashna Shroff get candid on being a part of the jury panel for Myntra Fashion Superstar

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Leading fashion and beauty creators and jury members of Myntra Fashion Superstar, Kusha Kapila, Ankush Bahuguna, and Aashna Shroff share their experience of the show and talk about what we can expect from it. 

Fashion shopping platform, Myntra and Voot, a video streaming platform, launched Season 3 of Myntra Fashion Superstar exclusively on Myntra Studio on the Myntra App and Voot on November 11, 2021.  This year, the digital and shoppable reality fashion show will showcase glimpses of real-life instances of contestants engaging and communicating with an audience across the country.

With the aim to provide an opportunity to fashion enthusiasts across the country to showcase their creative prowess, the third season of Myntra Fashion Superstar with the theme #MFSIWearMyStory will showcase the hunt to find India’s next big fashion influencer and leverage the synergy between iconic fashion trends and social media. #MFSIWearMyStory, celebrates unfiltered and authentic conversations, encouraging influencers to be the truest versions of themselves by expressing their journey through their sartorial choices.

The jury panel of the show entails India’s leading influencers, Kusha Kapila, Aashna Shroff, Ankush Bahuguna, and Santu Misra, led by fashion maven Manish Malhotra. We conversed with Kusha, Aashna, and Ankush about their experience as jury members for MFS. 

And here’s what Kusha Kapila had to say!

Mrinil Mathur - How was it being a part of the Myntra Fashion Superstar Season 3 jury panel? Tell me something about your experience! 

Kusha Kapila - I love reality shows, I watch them a lot and in fact, I had prepared impersonations of Geeta Ma, Anu Malik, and Neha Kakkar but as soon as we got there, we were told that there are no contestants and you’re not the judges. In fact, Ankush and I had even planned to stage a fight but the show makers refused to let us do that. It’s a very drama-free and very substance-heavy show. Honestly, it was amazing to be on the show especially since we were called mentors and not judges so there was no competitive feeling in the whole show. It’s not called a competition but a show which is very wholesome and the bond between everybody was really good. They would root for each other which was unlike any other reality show. I’m very proud of the creators this show is bringing to the world. 

MM - Did you have a reality show jury catchphrase? 

KK - I wanted to say “aag laga di, aag laga di” since that’s my favorite catchphrase but the show was not like that because it was very respectful of the fact that in such a short span of time we’re asking these creators to create such difficult content. We spoke about mental health in the first 2 or 3 episodes and there was such a diverse creator pool with us. It’s not the conventional run-over-the-mill reality show, nothing is forced. 

MM - I’m sure that being a part of Myntra Fashion Superstar's jury panel comes with a lot of responsibility since the contestants and the winners are the future of fashion content creation. Tell me about your process and evaluation methods that went behind picking the right talent.

KK - The format of the show is not like that. The show was only about entertainment, engagement, emotion and even though we said those things, there were unexpected things that took place in terms of outcome. But something I really enjoyed was sitting next to Manish Malhotra and saying those catchy phrases. Despite having a checklist, unexpected things happened in the show which is what makes it so different from all the other reality shows. 

MM - MFS is a great platform for fashion influencers. How do you see the platform bridging the gap in fashion content creation? 

KK - It’s a lovely show and you should definitely watch it. I'm very very proud of what we’ve spoken. When the ‘I wear my story’ videos came out, we realized that that’s the kind of content we’re actually watching on the show. It’s not just a show about fashion, it’s got too many layers and so many different aspects. I also feel like this is the right time it happened, if the show would’ve happened 5 years ago, it wouldn't have been the way it is now. We were the 1st or 2nd generation of influencers to have come out and we only didn’t know how to start. Fashion influencers today have grown so much now that people can take credibility, now I know what people are talking about. If 5 years back we would talk about engagement, people would barely know what we’re trying to say. Overall, I think we made a great show. Everything about it is lovely. I hope that show inspires future content creators who are still apprehensive about getting into this field. 

MM - Comedy isn’t everyone's cup of tea but everyone has a fashion sense of their own. Since fashion content creation is something that comes very naturally to someone, is it making the space too cluttered or is it more the merrier? 

KK - I feel like I’m a very established fashion content creator, okay that was a joke! I feel like both of us have made a space for ourselves first only by accepting that we’re fashion creators and second by not gate-keeping. Fashion and content both need to be democratic. Gatekeeping will not help as we can’t stop anybody from doing anything, I feel like more people will mean more opinions and insights and we need diversity. Neil recreates fantastic iconic fashion moments from things he literally finds in the environment like leaves, branches, flowers, or bottles. Whatever people say, you do you. 

You can watch our conversation with Ankush Bahuguna and Aashna Shroff here!

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