Sejal Kumar releases her new single Influence; talks about social media influence

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Sejal Kumar Influence

Fans are excited and proud of Sejal Kumar as she released her third original single titled 'Influence.' It's a song about the social media world and its influence.

We've seen our influencers experimenting and trying their hand at things other than their regular content. While some fail to hit the mark, others left us surprised with how well they were good at them. Sejal Kumar who started off as a fashion and lifestyle influencer has been focusing on producing content that's not just couture and style. A trainer and musician, Sejal decided to release two original singles -Aisi Hun and Khali Khali last year which were accepted openly by her fans. The influencer and now musician has released another single recently and it has created quite a stir among her followers. Her new single is titled 'Influence.'

Prior to the release, Sejal shared a teaser to the song on her Instagram leaving her followers intrigued and excited for the same. Talking about the same, she wrote, “I’ve been working on this huge project that I’ve been itching to do for so long! Music has been a huge part of my life and it’s always been a dream to release my own music, write songs and say what I feel through music, and create a sound that I love! I finally have the courage to share that with you, I’ve been working on this EP for a year now and I hope you like my new songs! here’s to YOLO in life."

Sejal shared that the song is about something that she always wanted to talk about. Written by Sejal Kumar & Natania Lalwani and produced by Austin Armstrong, Influence is a song about the social media world that all of us are a part of. The song highlights the doubts that people have online while they constantly seek validation from strangers online. It also talks about feeling like you're not ”good enough” compared to highly glorified people on social media. With upbeat music and satirical lyrics, this song drives the point home. Another highlight of the song has to be its incredible and punk picturization that hits just right with the K-Pop loving GenZ.

Here's how people reacted to her song:

Sejal Kumar Influence
Sejal Kumar Influence
Sejal Kumar Influence
Sejal Kumar Influence
Sejal Kumar Influence

Check out the song here:


You can also listen to the song on Spotify!

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