Music composer and producer, Mayur Jumani creates hilarious and super catchy Reels that leave you in splits.

Over the last year, we’ve come across a ton of Reels on Instagram but most of them look pretty repetitive with creators giving us their own renditions to ongoing trends. Mayur Jumani stands out from the crowd for precisely this reason, his Reels are so unique! He likes to entertain people with his music which works as inspiration behind these Reels.

When the lockdown happened, the atmosphere was very gloomy, and people wanted something to laugh about, which made Mayur wonder which skill set he could use to entertain people. And his music was the only thing that he could think of. Since social media is changing the landscape of the industry, he started to focus on that in the lockdown and realized the potential of this platform. He experimented a lot back in 2014 and released a remix of old 90’s songs with his launchpad and a GoPro on his head. That video went viral and that’s how he decided that this was something that he can do that’s unique to him! You’ve got to check out his Reels to know why we’re loving them so much!

Check them out here!

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