#12DaysOfChristmasMovies: Last Christmas is a big Christmas hug to all those who are lost

Sakshi Sharma
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Last Christmas

Written by Emma Thompson and starring Emilia Clarke in the lead Last Christmas on Netflix makes up for a heartwarming watch for lost souls!

Life has a way of making you stumble upon one too many times and each time you have to learn to pick yourselves up. But sometimes this just becomes all the too hard especially when you are broken and lost. And that's when you need the spirit of Christmas- Hope, Magic, and Belief to give you a boost up to get back to living again. Last Christmas does exactly that when all seems too lost for Katarina (Emilia Clarke), an aspiring singer who works as an elf in Central London she ends up meeting Tom (Henry Golding) who changes her perspective altogether. Written by Emma Thompson who also stars in it this movie is all the Christmas cheer you need if you are feeling blue.

The film's strength lies in the truly simple yet magical moments that Tom creates for Katarina to make her realize the magic of life and believe in herself once again. Its twisty end kind of breaks your heart apart but now you have learned to cope with it. The film's beauty lies in its magic shining out of its realistic elements and the mysterious Tom who comes in and goes. And the fact that when we all feel too lost there is just one thing that we really need- a different perspective. And this is what Tom offers to Katarina and to all of us with his different way of looking at things.

With snow-capped magically looking London and melodious music, this film effortlessly makes a home in your heart. The scene where Katarina lies down on the lap of Tom all too broken and he tells her that 'being a human being is hard' gave me all the feels! The film is currently streaming on Netflix. Emma Thompson as Emilia's Mother, Michelle Yeoh as her boss Santa and George Michael music adds to the Christmas cheer.

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