Laura Dern’s monologue in Marriage Story shows us the mirror of the society that is hard on a mother with higher expectations and standards.

What does it take to be a woman? A lot! The most loved and cared for, among all the different roles that a woman plays is that of a mother. A mother is expected to be everything and to be always there for her kids. She has to be a perfect mom to her children despite her imperfections. But the rules are slightly different when it comes to fathers. And before you think otherwise, nope, this is not a rant post. It’s simply a Laura Dern appreciation post for delivering that monologue.

In the recently released Netflix movie, ‘Marriage Story’ Laura Dern’s monologue phones it in the best way possible. The role that won her the Golden Globe award explains how a mother will always be held in a different and higher standard. And oh boy! we couldn’t agree more.

Here is how Laura Dern’s monologue summarises the ordeal women face under the societal pressure of being a good mom:

On learning that they will be questioned regarding their parenting Nichole played by Scarlett Johansson, who is fighting for her son’s custody is coached by her divorce lawyer. She explains everything she should and should not say as it is always different for the mother.

Laura Dern's monologue

Laura Dern's monologue

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See, what we mean?! Go watch the movie and Laura Dern’s monologue now and tell us your thoughts in the comments below.