#CreatorRewind: Mini Vloggers who made POVs an interesting part of Instagram

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#LetsKetchup: As we enter a new year, we made a list of some creators and mini vloggers who have made us fall in love with 15-sec vlogs.

The evolution of content has a lot to do with each platform. Short video platforms can be blamed for introducing us to shorter content adding fuel to our ever-decreasing attention span. We want quick, crisp, interesting, and engaging content, and we get them all on social media. The idea of creators and influencers has also expanded, with everyone with a phone trying to be creative in every little way possible. We have all been addicted to the POVs and 'one day in the life of strangers' we hardly know on the internet. Following an aesthetically pleasing approach to share their everyday activities like office exploring, college assignment process, going to work or their latest travels experiencing a new country, city and more, each of these vlogs has been able to make us wait and watch. Getting mesmerised by how well they are able to capture a moment and align them perfectly with the rhymes of a song has been our favorite kind of social media content. With the year coming to an end, it's only fair for us to list our favorite mini vloggers that you might want to check out.

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Here's our list:


Reha Adani


Dilip Pandey


Rishi Thakur

Shadab Khan

Snigdha Reddy

Bhavya Kumar

Punyay Divekar


Haksaeng Studies



Ankit aka themondayneutrals

Rajesh Kumar


Anshul Pathak

Bhavna Vyas


Naeema Rezmin

If you are one of the aesthetic lovers and follow vloggers on Instagram, do mention them in the comments below.

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This article is a part of our #LetsKetchup series that sums up the year that was from our perspective! Hope you enjoy reading this series this time of the year!

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