#CreatorRewind: Travel influencers who gave us #travelgoals in 2022 by traveling the world one trip at a time

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#LetsKetchup: Travel influencers who gave us #travelgoals in 2022 by traveling the world one trip at a time

Here are some of the travel influencers who gave us #travelgoals throughout 2022 and helped us plan our dream vacation!

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller,” said Ibn Battuta. But locked in a cubicle five days a week, typing away for hours at a stretch, who has the time to travel? Not to forget, with the inflation rising non-stop in 2022, saving up for travelling to your dream destination is also tiresome. Regardless of the hurdles, you gotta dream on! The world is so vast. There are so many places to visits, languages to learn, cultures to be a part of, moments to experience, and memories to make. Stuck in our daily routines, we often forget about these dreams of ours. However, travel influencers come to our timelines and remind us of how beautiful the world is. Obviously, we feel envious of them as they keep wandering to far away places with nothing holding them back. But aren't travel influencers inspirational too? And they are generous as well, for making beautiful content and sharing it with us.

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In 2022, various travel influencers on social media gave us #travelgoals daring us to dream and helping us plan our future trips. As 2022 is about to end, here are some of the travel influencers who inspired us to travel and amazed us throughout the year.

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Vishakha Fulsunge

Isa Khan

Ankit Bhatia

Abhimanyu Singh Dalal

Tushar Verma

Aparajita Misra

Anas Khan

Shramona Poddar


Tulika Bhattacharya

Manish Deo

Candida Louis

Aakanksha Monga

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