#CreatorRewind: 17 creators in movies and shows who made us root for them in 2023

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Creators in movies 2023

The only transition that mattered this year was creators transitioning from making parodies to playing an original character onscreen. This list of creators in movies and shows is everything!

If anything, 2023 was a huge year for Indian content creators because most of them took “picture abhi baki hai..” too seriously. The creators’ filmography has only become diverse with them getting a chance to share the screen with the knowhows of the industry. There was never a doubt that content creators could act and anyone following their content would agree to it. These creators are well-versed with the kind of characters they want to talk about and the stories they wish to share. The audience was met with diversity in that aspect and watching them be someone else on a bigger screen was a lovely surprise for many. From mere cameos to being an impactful part of the entire movie, these creators have set a new bar for the community this year.

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Check them out!

Dolly Singh - Thank You For Coming

A sex comedy starring Bhumi Pednekar as Kanika Kapoor, this film opens up conversations about sex and orgasms in a fun way in a country where sex is still taboo. Dolly plays Pallavi, Kanika's friend who is trying to help her navigate life.

Bhuvan Bam - Taaza Khabar, Rafta Rafta

Bhuvan Bam plays Vasya, a sanitation worker who lives in Byculla, Mumbai. He discovers a new super-power in Taaza Khabar where he finds out via text about incidents that have taken place before they've actually happened. In Rafta Rafta, Bhuvan plays a new married husband, who initially tied the knot with his wife unwillingly but eventually falls in love with her. 

Kusha Kapila - Sukhee, Thank You For Coming, Dehati Ladka, Masaba Masaba

This year was all about watching Kusha on the screen playing characters that helped her make her mark. In Thank You For Coming she played Kanika's sassy friend called 'The Queen' who gives off a very Mean Girls vibe. She plays a hot professor, Chaya in Dehati Ladka and in Masaba Masaba she plays Nicole, a hardworking pregnant mom. Sukhee gives us one more Kusha Kapila character who feel rather relatable!

Aaditya Shukla - Railway Men

Aaditya stole the show with his performance in Netflix's Railway Men as Ratlu, a beggar also suffering from one of the most horrific tragedies India has ever witnessed.

Dr. Trinetra - Made in Heaven, Rainbow Rishta

Be it as herself in Amazon Prime's Rainbow Rishta or as Meher in Made In Heaven, Trinetra takes us through her life, wanting to find love and equality as a trans woman.

Niharika NM - Big Mouth

Joining the wild ensemble of international celebrities, reports of Niharika NM made a guest appearance where she lent her voice to the animated character that represents every Indian teenager in Season 7 of Netflix's Big Mouth.

Anubhav Singh Bassi - Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar 

Bassi steps into the world of acting with his debut in Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar where he plays Ranbir Kapoor's best friend, Manu Dabbas

Srishti Dixit - The Great Indian Family

Srishti who is known for her comic timing and one-liners that hit right, made her big screen debut this year with Vicky Kaushal's The Great Indian Family. She played Goonja, Vicky’s sister and they live in a joint family in the fictional town of Balrampur.

Raghav Sharma - Dehati Ladka

Raghav plays the notorious Shashank, a character who struggles academically and has repeated the same class twice. 

Sushant Divgikr - Thank You For Coming

Like the Kohinoor that they are, Sushant Divgikr shines on the big screen as they played Rahul who turns into a Drag Queen and gives one of the most stunning performances on 'Pari Hoon Main' like their real-life alter Rani Ko-He-Nur.

Prajakta Koli - Neeyat

Prajakta has been on a roll and she stunned everyone yet again with her character as the mysterious girlfriend Gigi and played her part rather well.

Shubham Gaur - Hostel Gaze

Shubham played one of the main characters in a show that is loved by the audience for the last time as the show came to an end with its Season 4.

Khushaal Pawaar - Constable Girpade

A comedy, the series follows the life of a rookie constable Girpade played by Khushaal who manages to keep people hooked to the story with his charms and comic timing.

Neel - Constable Girpade

Neel who has proven his acting abilities before, managed to crack this one too as a constable helping out Girpade find the culprit of his father's death.

Viraj Ghelani - Jhamkudi, Jawan

The creator who will be doing a Gujarati film was seen making a cameo in Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan as the assistant to Madhavan Naik (Sanjay Dutt), a negotiator.

Aaron Koul, Apoorva, and Ankita Sahigal - Who's Your Gynac?

Aaron Koul played one of the main leads from the show as Dr. Vidushi’s closest friends, Mehr. While Apoorva and Ankita play patients visiting the gynac with their issues. 

RJ Mahvash - Section 108

Although it's not an acting gig, this is huge for the creator community as RJ Mahvash stepped in as the producer for a film.

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