There have been a bunch of videsi artists who have been popping up on our feed. We made a list of these foreign creators who entertain us this year.

Content sees no boundaries and good quality content can travel and reach anywhere. With short video platforms becoming a part of our every day, it’s only natural for us to come across creators who have something new to share with the world. One place to find creators from around the world is our explore page. Besides all our desi creators, we found some very popular foreign creators who sneak in and entertain us with their amazing content. These creators give us a new perspective of the same situations while also making us feel connected on how similar they seem even when we don’t belong from the same place. Some of these creators became our favorites by shocking us with their love for everything Bollywood. While others had their own unique USPs that we love. As an ode to all these creators who entertained us this year, we made a list of them so you can check out their content too.

Take a look at these amazing creators:

David Suh

Khaby Lame

Luke Franchina

Aileen Christine

Shay Rose

Anthony Mai

Aaron Goldenberg

Isabella Avila


Joe Ando:

Chance Terry (@chancejterry)

Sean Tenedine

Aparna Mulberry

Ricky L Pond

Amalie Midtigard

Have you come across their content too? Let us know who is your favorite.

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