#LetsKetchup: We asked who your favorite beauty influencers of '21 are and here's your verdict

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beauty influencers of 2021

Check out this list of some of the top beauty influencers of 2021 that we collated with your help.

Beauty is subjective, it lays in the eyes of the beholder. Everyone has their own definition of what beauty means to them and all of these opinions matter and should be respected. There was a time when we were objectified for the way we looked leading to constant comparison with something that we saw in media and popular culture. But now, with the digital space becoming another source of our entertainment, people have started to look at beauty from a new perspective. And our beauty influencers are responsible for this shift given that they have managed to put themselves out there showing people that anything and everything is beautiful. There were some beauty influencers of 2021 that you appreciated.

These beauty influencers not only put up their makeup looks but were also able to help their followers with their queries and concerns regarding their skin. They have been making sure to eliminate all the prenotions that we have developed about beauty and makeup over the years. Putting their quirky looks online to experimenting with it, these influencers have been inspiring us every day. They also let people know that makeup has nothing to do with gender and that anyone who loves it can wing the look of their choice. We also saw some of these influencers go on to create their own brands. So, we did an Instagram poll and asked you who your favorite beauty influencers were from this list and you shared your opinions with us!

Here are your favourites of the year!



Deep Pathare

Hiba H


Siddharth Batra

Diipa Büller-Khosla

Tarini Shah

Ankush Bahuguna

Ashi Khanna

Nitibha Kaul

Mansi Ugale

Shantanu Dhope

Shreya Jain

Malvika Sitlani Aryan

Debasree Banerjee

Shrishti S Bhatia

Ankita Chaturvedi

So, did your favourite make it to the list? Let us know in the comments below. For more creator related content follow us @socialketchup

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