World’s first flying car receives approval to run on European roads. The car named Liberty is developed by the Dutch company PAL-V.

Who would have thought that 2020 would surprise us in so many unexpected ways? With things that have happened this year, nothing seems to be real. But our imagination of a future flying car just became a reality. The Dutch company PAL-V just announced that their Liberty vehicle and the world’s first flying car have received approval to be run on the European roads.

Going all RL Transformers, this development just paved way for a more advanced and interesting future. Soon, watching cars flying around will not be startling anymore. The car is a compact two-person aircraft that can travel on public roads. Liberty starts with an entry-level price tag of $399,000, which is close to Rs. 3 crore in the Indian currency. PAL-V will establish a plant in India in Gujarat and the production of the car will commence next year. The models will be exported to several European countries.

Take a look:

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