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College Romance

Based on the life of Delhi College students, College Romance, within its timeline of four seasons, gave us many life lessons.

In school, you can't wait to get to college, as there would be no uniforms, and in college, you can't wait to get a job, as there would be full freedom with apna kamaya hua paisa. But when you get to adulting and get busy living the 9 to 5 life which isn't quite 9 to 5, you remember "vo din bhi kya din the" and feel nostalgic with "kya jaldi jaldi bade ho gaye na". That’s exactly when you need shows like College Romance that not only make you laugh out loud but also take you down the memory lane leaving you with a lesson or two that you might have forgotten while running the race!

Representation of friendships and romance in school and college was restricted to Bollywood! With an entire generation feeling relatable with DCH, ZNMD, YJHD, Wake Up Sid, among others but with TVF and Dice Media, we didn't just get relatable content but also something that dug deeper into this concept. School is that time in your life which you feel nostalgic about for the innocence it provided. But college is when you don't just come of age but also have the best time of your life.

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Check out these life lessons from the serirs

It's easier to accept people when they are strangers vs when they are family but we can always try!

Bagga's dilemma with his sister, Raavie's identity surprised us all! As much as there is shock, there is also maturity and understanding of a sensitive issue. He is not wrong about his practical approach towards Raavie's identity because when someone from your family is queer it impacts you rather differently because when you know it is going to be a massive battle to try and explain it to the entire family. It does scare you but you always try because this is your family!

A group of friends for life is made of different people that agree on accepting each other for who they are

Naira is the plan-it-all sort of girl while Karan is the know-it-all and Trippy is the naive-innocent. And while Bagga is the West Delhi vibe guy, Deepika is the South Delhi vibe girl, and Dhatarpriya is a Hindi medium girl, they're still great friends. Irrespective of 'mirgi ke daure' or 'pagalpanti' they all accept each other as they are even though they come from different backgrounds and are poles apart from each other. They grow up together without ever changing a thing about each other!


Best friends should forgive each other when they can't understand or share things with each other because it's okay!

Trippy not being able to make his eyes meet with Naira and Karan after he failed and left college is more to do with his insecurity about feeling like a loser. And when you are wrapped up in your own emotional baggage, sometimes it is hard to share that with the world even when it is your best friend and that is perfectly okay because you can always tell them later on and they will understand.

Every relationship will have its own set of struggles. What matters is who you choose to struggle with

Bagga and Naira set the bar for any couple because they are so cute and apt while Karan and Dhatarpriya are better versions of Bunny and Naina. Irrespective of their love, there always will be struggles because life will constantly butt in. But as long as you understand the fact that two people in a relationship are like gallian jo kahin na kahin jaake mil hi jaati hai, you'll be fine with all the on-off situations too!


No matter how different they are, Millennials and Gen-Z can be great friends

The senior-junior groups are the best ones in college because as much as seniors like to harass and guide juniors, often it’s the juniors that make them realise and understand things better. No matter the age gap, this group can't go wrong if they learn to listen to each other since the seniors will never be out of touch with things and juniors will always be aware of things.

You can do everything on your own but that doesn't mean that it is weak to accept help at times!

Deepika's character arc from being just a bitch to a bold personality is the most interesting one. Because you realise that her ego is stemming from the fact that she knows exactly what she wants from life and as soon as she stands in confusion, she still doesn't want to give up control and seek help because it is not easy to do that. Irrespective of that, it is the people around her that help her accept that she can still do everything and can ask for help when needed.


As much fun as college is, when it ends, it also reminds you of your place in society and might crush your dreams but never lose hope as jo hota hai aache ke liye hi hota hai!

In today's generation, everyone is dealing with the dilemma of business vs job! And college is often the place where you realise what you want to be or do but life has different plans for you. And that's when you understand your position in the world but if you don't get disheartened and remember this is not the endgame then you might just end up exactly where you were supposed to be because struggle is a part of everyone's life!

Apart from teaching us these valuable lessons, they all also teach us that galli is a bhawana and not just a curse! Which lessons stayed with you from College Romance? Tell us in the comments below!

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