Fashion ka hai yeh Jalwa! Check out what fashion and content creation mean to lifestyle blogger Niharika Jain on today’s Friday Follow.

There are enough lifestyle influencers online for us to find our inspirations regarding the slightest of the thing. The digital space has also opened a platform for people from all walks of life to try their hand at things they love and lifestyle blogging happens to be one. These lifestyle influencers try and put a more authentic and natural self forward in order to build a connection with their audience. Among many such talented influencers is Niharika Jain who is doing her bit in creating engaging content for her followers.

Niharika believes that being a lifestyle influencer is not only about breadth, it’s also about depth. She is of the opinion that fashion and beauty play a vital role in the process of connecting with the audiences because fashion is a language, which speaks a certain story about the influencer and their personality.

Niharika always admired how people work hard to create content and entertain people but never imagined that she’d be doing the same one day. “I was working for different reality shows as a freelancer in creatives and one day I decided to quit because it was not making me happy and uploaded a fashion video on Tiktok, that was the beginning of a new chapter in my life!”

Every influencer has their own way of pursuing their content creation journey. While many develop their strong online base, some have a backup career ready. Niharika who is an engineer herself identifies the difference between both her career, There’s no straight, clear path to becoming a content creator! Like in engineering or nursing or any other profession, you know the path! Go to school, get a degree and get a job! But when it comes to becoming a content creator, it’s just your art that you have to follow and work hard to find the path to getting there.

Being an influencer is about being able to change people’s perspectives regarding things and open their views in a new direction. When associated with fashion, people always tend to have certain misconceptions of their own. “People think fashionable attire has to be expensive, which is so wrong!” She always tries to maintain that fashion is always about a person’s comfort and not about brands or expensive accessories. People can get them from street markets and rock it in their ways, without going for an expensive run.

And when associating herself with brands that she has to put out on her page she makes sure of every aspect before doing so. She makes sure that she inquires everything herself and asks questions that her audience would want to know about before committing to them.

Talking about her the influencer who inspires her and her content Niharika said, I admire each and every influencer! Every single one of them inspires me to create more and more. I see the dedication and hard work behind a video that inspires me to work harder! But the best inspiration to create something new every day is the empathy of my followers. Their love for me makes me compassionate enough to work hard every day and deliver good content to them.She also said that if given an opportunity she looks forward to collaborating with Indian creator Sejal Kumar. Sejal’s journey throughout the years and her hard work only push her to be better at her own journey.

She had her own tips for aspiring bloggers. “Becoming successful in life is not a magic trick but is nothing less than that. Growth and learning — these seem to be the two constants on the path further down the road. I cannot speak about the pace, but if speed breakers come, highways wait, too.”

If you are looking for improving your social media, fashion, and anything lifestyle check out Niharika’s profile on Instagram.

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