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Fatherhood communities online

In an age where fatherhood is evolving, online communities can provide dads with helpful resources and much-needed support. Here's a list of such fatherhood communities that guide men in their parenthood journey.

Gone are the days when fatherhood meant navigating the wild world of parenting alone in the shadows of taboos and emotional coldness. In today's digital and progressive age, dads have a useful weapon: the internet! Whether you're a diaper-changing rookie or a bedtime story pro, you can always benefit from fatherhood communities online. These communities offer a lot of support, advice, and camaraderie. From hilarious memes about the chaos of fatherhood to heartfelt and relatable stories, these online groups are transforming the dad experience. If you are on the lookout for such communities, we have a list of suggestions for you. Let’s explore the best places for dads to find their tribe and thrive together!

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Here you go!

Daddy's Digest

The Twitter account, Daddy's Digest has it all - articles, tips, and resources related to fatherhood, parenting, and family life. It provides informative content as well as community support in a concise format. 

The Dad Network 

The Dad Network is a UK-based website but it is beneficial for fathers across the world. It offers articles, podcasts, videos, and forums to support dads in their journey through fatherhood. From pregnancy to newborn care, and parenting advice, they provide constructive advice about various topics related to fatherhood.


Reddit is well known for bringing together communities. r/daddit is one such supportive space for dads to share experiences and advice. From parenting tips to dad jokes, it provides one with resources to navigate fatherhood in a fun way.

Guys, I’m tired of getting frustrated and shouting at my kids when they misbehave. I don’t want to be that dad. How can I work on not having such a short fuse and better myself to not be too hard on my kids (5 and 2.5yo)

byu/NugsCommaChicken indaddit


Dads from around the world come together here to share stories, seek advice, and discuss parenting topics. The best part of the community is that it provides a highly supportive and inclusive environment which makes being vulnerable comparatively easier.

I can’t relate to other dads and it’s isolating

byu/girlfather inFatherhood

Dads of Meenakshi

@dads.of.meenakshi showcases the wholesome journey of two dads, Vignesh and Andrea with their daughter Meenakshi. It showcases very heartwarming and relatable moments of fatherhood. Moreover, they travel a lot which gives you diverse content.

Dad, How Do I?

The Dad, How Do I? YouTube channel provides practical, easy-to-follow tutorials on everyday tasks, like fixing things around the house and personal grooming. It offers supportive, fatherly advice for those who may not have a dad to teach them. At the same time, it helps men understand the basics of life. This channel can be a great learning experience about how to be a good dad and what to teach your kids.

National At-Home Dad Network 

The National At-Home Dad Network is a powerhouse community for stay-at-home dads, offering support, resources, and a space to share the joys and challenges of dad life. 

That Dad Blog

The 'That Dad Blog' YouTube channel features heartwarming and creative videos of a father, Alan Lawrence, sharing wholesome adventures with his children. The content is absolutely family-friendly and focuses on sharing the joys of parenthood.

The Good Men Project

This website explores masculinity through a modern lens. It features articles and discussions on relationships, ethics, social issues, and more. It not only focuses on men becoming good fathers but it encourages them to become men too. 

Five Minutes with Dad

Five Minutes with Dad is a family-friendly podcast where a father Nick Pavlidis and his young children Pavlos and Angela have fun conversations about life. It's a heartwarming podcast that mainly focuses on the nourishment one can get from spending quality time with loved ones.

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