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We spoke to a few pet parents and professionals from the industry about pet parenting trends to follow this year. Scroll down to see what they have shared. 

In today's world, where pet ownership is on the rise, it's widely acknowledged that caring for our furry companions entails considerable responsibility. For many people, pets are indispensable members of their families as they go from being loyal friends to steadfast companions and even emotional support systems for some people. Yet, amidst the joys they bring, it's imperative to recognize their needs and cater to them accordingly. Understanding pet behavior stands out as a cornerstone of effective pet parenting. Considering the importance of it, much research has been done to better understand personal psychology.  Among the various lessons learned, one resonates profoundly: unpredictability. While certainty eludes us, our emotions remain steadfast, driving us to nurture and comprehend the needs of our beloved pets.

In embracing the challenges and joys of 2024, pet parents are discovering innovative trends and creative solutions to enhance the well-being of their furry friends. So, while we're busy showering them with love and cuddles, let's also explore some cool trends that are making waves in the world of pet care as we journey through 2024! We spoke to a few pet parents and professionals from the industry about pet parenting trends to follow this year. 

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Here’s what they had: 

Prathima Pingali, "Having been in the pet industry for years, I’ve seen a huge shift in consumer behavior. People have gone from being pet owners to pet parents! When I started out, a majority of people I met had dogs for security purposes or just for show. But as the years have passed and my client base has grown, I've seen an amazing shift from people having dogs just for security to having them as a part of their family and treating them as they would treat their kids. Pet parents are in search of the highest quality products that are available in the market from food to clothes. Pet photography has been on a major rise in the last few years. Families have also started planning trips around their pets’ comforts. But the change that I love the most is the awareness towards adoption! I love that people think two, three, even four times before buying food, toys or even bedding for their pets. There has been such a huge shift in behavior towards pets, it's incredible to see it evolve. I'm excited to see where it's heading and what the future has in store for us!"

Diya Khatri, "I focus tremendously on training. We think that training is something we can do ourselves, but that’s not really true. We do need professional help to understand what signs the dog is showing. I’m a therapist by profession so I can tell what’s happening with my own dog, Butter. I thought I knew a lot of things, but when I saw some behavioral changes in Butter, we thought it was sudden. But, apparently it was built overtime. So, I saw him almost get into an accident, fortunately, he was fine. I took him to an animal behaviorist, who changed my life for the best. It helped me understand my dog better. He’s a lot calmer and self-confident now as compared to earlier. Nutrition is also very important! Butter has always had a skin infection, he was on some kind of meds and I was getting frustrated. I had to give him steroids when he was 6 months old, that’s very young and it was so difficult for me to see my dog drained. He used to pee in his sleep because of the side effects of his medication. I tried a different route; I came across this page on Instagram about homeopathy for dogs, so we started off in December and the immunity that he built in just a few months through homeopathy was life changing. His fur has never been this healthy and shiny. We even changed his diet with the help of a nutritionist who helped us with a diet chart for Butter. Now we feed him everything from meat to vegetables. We also focused on grooming by trying out some products from ‘Back in the Day’."

Niketana, "According to me, pet parenting is an overwhelming experience just like human parenting. While babies start telling us what they like and dislike once they start talking, we need to understand a pet’s body language. I think there are no such specific trends that a pet parent follows. Pet parenting is a whole new universe that has been growing immensely. Pets are a huge part of our lives so first of all taking care of their health is the foremost responsibility as a pet parent. Choosing the right diet for our pet is very necessary. Every pet has different needs and different allergies just like us, so we should look into that while preparing a meal for our pets, which we follow a lot. My daughter, Cherry, is pug. She is also a pyometra survivor of my tiny little baby. For me, the most important thing is her health, including her dental hygiene. The mouth is the mirror of our health so brushing our teeth is as important for our pets as ourselves. Nowadays, traveling with pets has become a trend and I absolutely love that, so does Cherry. She’s been with us to a lot of places and she enjoys traveling so much. But I would like to say that except for the metro, there isn’t good veterinary care or facilities available in other cities which needs to be taken into consideration."

Hopefully, these tips help you care for your furry friends better!

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