From Vypati to Vichakshan, add these cool words to your vocabulary, this World Hindi Day!

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On the occasion of World Hindi Day, check out these quirky words that you can add to your vocabulary. 

In a country as diverse as India, where languages weave a tapestry of unity, Hindi stands proudly as a pillar of communication, gracefully adapted across generations. However, over time, Hindi has undergone a linguistic evolution. For instance, terms like 'vartalap' that were used decades ago in Shudh Hindi have effortlessly transformed into the more familiar and simpler 'baatcheet' or 'gappe'As language gracefully embraces change, certain captivating Hindi words might have slyly slipped through the cracks of Gen Z's linguistic radar hidden behind the dominance of abbreviations and emojis. On the occasion of World Hindi Day, Duolingo shares ten quirky words that might have slipped through the cracks of Gen Z's digital dictionaries.  

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Take a look:

Wahiyaat (वाहियात), while "cringe" might be the word of choice today, the OG term for something that made you squirm was "Wahiyaat." Gen Z might not have heard the elders exclaim, "Yeh kya wahiyaat cheez hai!"

Daak Ticket (डाक टिकट) by the postman. Before emails and instant messaging, sending a letter was a heartfelt affair. Gen Z might be unaware of the excitement and anticipation that came with receiving a "Daak Ticket" confirming the delivery of your precious message. This also reminds us of the famous song Dakiya Daak Laya (डाकिया डाक लाया) by the legend Kishore Kumar and Vandana Shastri

Chitrahaar (चित्रकार),  movie date? Gen Z might have never experienced the joy of waiting eagerly for the weekly dose of Bollywood movies on "Chitrahaar." It was a musical affair, and watching it with family was a tradition no one dared to miss

Telegram (टेलीग्राम), no we're not talking about an online messaging app. Gen Z might not know that 'Telegram' was once a physical message-delivery service. People used to send important messages, greetings, and even condolences through this traditional means

Khadim (ख़ादिम), in the pre-online shopping era, 'Khadim' was not just the name of a shoe brand but the local cobbler who repaired and polished your shoes. The personal touch and craftsmanship of these artisans are a distant memory for Gen Z

Vyapti (व्याप्ति) means the all-encompassing presence that fills every corner. In a world of fleeting trends and vibe check, find your ‘Vyapti’ – the timeless essence that defines you

Aakarshan (आकर्षण) is simply the magnetic pull that captivates and attracts. In Gen Z terms, it is the Insta-magnetism that makes everyone double-tap. 

Vikalp (विकल्प) is the multiple-choice option life throws at you, where ‘all of the above’ is a valid answer

Vichakshan (विचक्षण), is the Sherlock-level observation skills that turn you into the undisputed detective of your friend group

Pratibimb (प्रतिबिम्ब), the artistic reflection that turns ordinary moments into Instagram-worthy masterpiece

Hope this wild ride through the Desi language maze helps your Gen Z’s vocabulary!

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