These limited series or mini-series will make for the perfect weekend binge if watching short captivating series is your thing.

As we continue to take this never-ending lockdown one day at a time, shows and movies have become a constant source of entertainment for many of us. And as much as we love binge-watching series on streaming platforms, we’re also getting tired of just how many seasons there are to catch up on. And it’s not just about selecting which series to watch from the plethora of options available but also about how much of our time we are willing to spend on this activity. Enter – limited series.

Ranging from three and a half to nine hours, limited series give you plenty to talk about without requiring too much of your time. Plus, you can stream a lot of them right away! If you too are traveling in the boat of indecisiveness of picking between a single movie or a full-fledged series, consider thinking about what else you can do with that time. Watching limited series keeps you entertained and also leaves you with ample time to pursue other interests. Maybe try one of these spectacular limited series over the weekend to gauge how you feel?

Check out this list which offers a range of comedy, thriller, mystery, horror and feel-good romance TV series.

Fleabag-Amazon Prime Video


Modern Love-Amazon Prime Video




The Undoing-Hotstar

Mare of Easttown-Hotstar

Dash and Lily-Netflix

Russian Doll-Netflix

Criminal UK-Netflix

Behind Her Eyes-Netflix

The Queen’s Gambit-Netflix


Haunting of the Hill House and Bly Manor-Netflix

Big Little Lies-Hotstar

Alias Grace-Netflix


End of the Fucking World-Netflix

Homecoming-Amazon Prime Video


Normal People-Amazon Prime Video

These limited series are sort of like movies that go on for a little longer, which makes them perfect for this long weekend. We can’t think of a better way to spend people-less time.

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