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Roposo creators Kritika Gambhir, Swaroop Pandey, Vinayak Sinha, Tanvee Kishore, and Ash Daniel talk about their experience with the creator-led live entertainment commerce platform.

Every artist is always on the lookout for a platform that can help them reach out to a larger audience, especially at this time and age when short-video platforms are on a streak with their popularity. We have seen a bunch of creators find their voice on these platforms living their dream to create. While creating content and posting takes time, live-entertainment platforms are entirely different. Roposo is one such creator-led live entertainment commerce platform that has blurred the bridge between a creator and their fans.

This platform allows creators to go live, chat with their audience, and also give recommendations bringing commerce and entertainment together. There have been many creators who have had the chance to join this community and talk about their field of expertise with millions of viewers every day. We had a chat with some of them to understand their journey so far. Roposo creators and musicians Kritika Gambhir, Swaroop Pandey, Ash Daniel, and fashion influencers Vinayak Sinha, and Tanvee Kishore talk about becoming better and improving their own talents with their audience interactions on the creator-led live-entertainment commerce platform.

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Here's what the creators had to share!

How did your musical journey begin?

Swaroop Pandey, “I have always been fond of singing since childhood, being an active part of the school choir as well as winning singing competitions. However, my journey as a true, professional musician started when I began sharing videos of myself singing on various social media platforms. I shared my talent with the rest of the world and got a lot of love and positive responses. That inspired me to take up singing as a career and since then, I’ve been striving to be better every day. It’s a beautiful journey and I have a lot to learn on the way.”

Ash Daniel, “Music runs in my family; hence I began singing as a child. I had a natural love for and inclination towards music, and I even learned how to play instruments like the congo, the keyboard, and the dholak at a very young age. I also used to sing at church and in my school competitions. I kept enhancing my skillset over time and found myself performing professionally when I was in the 11th grade. Since then, there has been no looking back.”

Kritika Gambhir, “I come from a musical family, so it has been a part of my life since I was a child. In fact, my Nana Ji, Shri Narendra Chaddha used to perform a lot at Vishal Jagran. My mother was also a talented singer, so I inherited my passion for music and singing from them. I trained in music and did stage performances as a kid and recorded my first studio song in the 9th grade. However, I gained popularity after I began posting my songs on social media. Since then, my songs have been released by major labels such as T Series, Zee Music Company, and others. I've even worked with big artists like Saturday Saturday's Indeep Bakshi, Teri Aankhiya Ka Yo Kajal's Veer Dahiya, and now I'm working with India's leading creator-driven live entertainment commerce platform, Roposo, and Glance. I feel blessed, but all the credit for my success goes to my family and God.”

You completed your graduation and decided to explore a career in music. What motivated you to try your luck in this field?

Swaroop Pandey, "There is a huge luck factor involved in making and succeeding in a career in music. However, I truly wanted to pursue it professionally and was fortunate that my parents supported me. This further motivated me and gave me the confidence to move forward on this path and I am grateful for the same."

Roposo creators

PC: Swaroop

How would you describe your style of content creation?

Tanvee Kishore, "For me, creating content is a form of self-expression, and I aim to show my true identity through it. I believe that everybody is unique, and the moment you take the decision to be yourself, your distinctive style emerges in everything you create. So, I feel that being my true self is what my content is all about."

Vinayak Sinha, "I have an independent and ‘bindaas’ attitude towards my content creation. My aim is to entertain my audiences through my live content yet ensure that there is some element of information on things that I am passionate about and have some knowledge about like fitness and fashion. This makes my sessions engaging and enjoyable."

A piece of clothing you can always be comfortable with…

Vinayak Sinha, "A t-shirt paired with a pair of joggers is the perfect choice for comfort."

Tanvee Kishore, "A pair of denim jeans along with a white shirt is my go-to outfit whenever I want to wear something comfortable."

How is content creation different from movies and would you prefer one over the other?

Tanvee Kishore, "As an actor, you have to play a certain character for a fixed period of time. People sometimes might not be able to associate with the real you as the part you may be playing could be different from who you are in real life. On the other hand, while creating content, I can be myself and showcase my true side. I can even get real-time feedback from my audience on what they like and what they don’t like about my content. The platform also allows you to communicate with viewers live and build a connection with them first-hand. You can collaborate with them and create content taking them into consideration. That’s why Roposo is a unique space for live streamers to thrive."

Roposo creators

PC: Tanvee

How did you join the line of Roposo creators?

Swaroop Pandey, "My journey with Roposo began during my college days. I realized that being part of such a unique platform would allow me to reach a larger audience. Since joining the brand, I have only grown, and I am eternally grateful to them for providing me with such a unique opportunity to showcase my talent like never before."

Kritika Gambhir, “Seeing my work, Roposo reached out to me initially. The moment I understood the platform and the potential it offers budding content creators and live streamers like me, I was excited to collaborate with them. Ever since my journey with Roposo began, they have played a pivotal role in helping grow my career and hone my talent as an artiste working in a live, interactive format.” 

Ash Daniel, “It all started with me looking for a platform to showcase what I have to offer to the world. Initially, I started posting videos of myself singing with my guitar. I eventually came across Roposo and ever since, it has been an amazing journey. Gradually, I started improving my content as I grew and improved as an artist and now a live streamer. The Roposo team realized my potential and helped groom me to succeed as a music creator. Today I host various live shows on Roposo, which garners high engagement levels as I interact more and more with my fans. I’m excited about what the future holds and look forward to entertaining my fans and followers on the platform every day.”

One reason why the audience should check you out on Roposo!

Tanvee Kishore, "I am thrilled to be a live streamer on Roposo, a leading live entertainment commerce platform in India. It gives me access to millions of fans whom I can engage and interact with live, and who enjoy my premium and curated content. This has also helped me evolve as well, by allowing me to be myself and creatively make each of my live shows quite different from what the users are used to seeing elsewhere. This has enabled me to present a lot of unique and exciting content on beauty and lifestyle as well as guide our Gen-Now audience to look and feel good. Undoubtedly, my live shows are something everyone should check out."

Vinayak Sinha, "Anyone keen on being healthy and fashionable should surely tune into my live shows on Roposo. I share interesting ideas on losing weight, gaining muscle, and achieving six-pack abs, amongst other fitness tips, all in an entertaining way. My shows can be their go-to destination for all their fashion and fitness-related needs."


Your favorite verse from a song that always hits you hard…

Tanvee Kishore, "The verse – ‘Aage bhi jaane na tu, Peeche bhi jaane na tu, Jo bhi hai bas yahi ek pal hai,’ from the movie - Waqt, which has been beautifully sung by the legendary Asha Bhosle, is my favourite verse and I relate with it a lot."

Kritika Gambhir, "The recent song that hit me was Amarinder Gill's Punjabi song Akhar which had a verse that goes like – “Aithe koyi na milda appe, Rab milaunda ae, Milna vichadna ae, Sab kismat de chakkar ne, Jehde ess jahanon, Ikk dooje ton vichhad gaye, Khaure case jahane, Mude oh jaake takkar ne.” It really has had an impact on me."

Ash Daniel, "The song Bhaag Milkha Bhaag always triggers something in me to keep going and working even harder, especially when I am low. It’s an extremely motivating song!"

Vinayak Sinha, "My all-time favorite is – ‘Apna Time Aayega’ from Gully Boy. The lines just truly hit you hard."

From filmmaking to anchoring and then a content creator. How did your journey help you find your sense of fashion and fitness?

Vinayak Sinha, "It has been an amazing journey till now! I have had various experiences throughout my career and have learned so much along the way which played a part in developing my sense of fashion and fitness. I am extremely grateful for my growth, the opportunities, my audience, and the Roposo family."

Roposo creators

PC: Vinayak

Two creators who you would love to see collaborate?

Swaroop Pandey, "I would love to see Arijit Singh and Yo Yo Honey Singh collaborate on a song together, that would be a banger."

Tanvee Kishore, "I collaborate with almost every top live streamer on Roposo currently. I really love each one of them and their content. However, personally, I would like to collaborate with Prajakta Koli sometime in the future. We both are Marathi mulgis (girls) with a chill vibe and I truly believe that we can work together to create some great content that people would like and engage with. And to interact with fans and receive comments in real-time on a Roposo live show with her would be amazing!"

Ash Daniel, "Two artists that I’d love to see collaborate are me and Darshan Raval!"

One word that describes your music

Ash Daniel, "I would like to describe my music as versatile."

Swaroop Pandey, "I think one word that describes my music is peaceful."

Kritika Gambhir, "I think it would be – ‘All in One’ as I sing and create songs of all genres."

You have been part of a couple of talent shows in the past. What are your thoughts on talent shows and how are they helping our artists?

Kritika Gambhi, "I believe talent shows allow artists to showcase their skills on a big platform. It also assists them in learning new things, meeting new artists, and growing at a good pace. In fact, when I was a teenager, I competed in several talent shows. Later I was invited to appear as a celebrity guest on Voice of Punjab Season 9 on PTC Punjabi. In addition, I've been a celebrity guest and singing judge in various talent shows and college fests. Talent shows are important for an artist to succeed. We also must have a pulse on changing times and evolving user preferences to ensure we are relevant and look at newer ways of connecting with our audiences. Hence, being on a platform like Roposo today and showcasing your talent to potentially millions of users there is a massive opportunity."

Roposo creators

PC: Kritika

Is there something that you discovered about yourself and music on this platform?

Tanvee Kishore, "I've always known that I appreciate being the center of attention, but after being a part of the Roposo live shows, I've begun to realize the importance of my audience by interacting with them live, as well as enjoying the relationship I've developed with them. Every day, I look forward to engaging with my fans and followers better and that is something new that I’ve discovered about myself as well, that I am such a big people’s person and they keep me going."

Swaroop Pandey, "With Roposo having such a large audience, I really got to grow as an individual and as a professional. The continuously increasing engagement level that my live shows witness is extremely encouraging as an artist. I hope I can keep entertaining my fans and reach millions more through my music on Roposo. There are so many other talented music live streamers on the platform who create great premium content in their own unique way."

 Your journey from keeping your music secret from your family to now being a full-blown creator is inspiring. How did you finally convince your family that you want to pursue a career in music?

Ash Daniel, "From sneaking out of my own house with clothes hidden in my bag to doing shows on Roposo with an audience of more than 300,000, I’ve come a long way. Rather than convincing my parents, I think the best thing to do is to keep working hard and succeeding. Parents want the best for their children and once you show them what truly matters to you, they will always lend a helping hand in support. I also believe that to achieve something extraordinary, you have to work extraordinarily hard, and eventually, all the pieces will fall into place. So that’s what I am doing."

Roposo creators

PC: Ash Daniel

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