These local train Reels are a love letter to Mumbai that we concur

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Krupaya hey line olandu naka, unless you want these local train Reels to make you fall in love with Mumbai all over again!

Mumbai is the city of dreams and opportunities. A city that never sleeps and prepares you for life. And if there's one place you can apply all these life lessons and skills that you learned over the years, it has to be our very own Mumbai local trains! If there's anything that keeps this city going it's these trains and the adrenaline we get trying to catch them!

If there is any ‘Bhagam Bhag’ that people enjoy and equally hate, it's the one they have to do to catch their fast local. Because no matter which bad life choices you make, you can never leave your house without having a strategic plan to catch your Andheri local.

Mumbai without locals is like the internet without memes. We just can’t survive without the other. It's a one-stop for fights, massages, and stories. It's a place that connects you with a stranger, mostly because of how close you have to stand, so much so that if you can look deep into their eyes you can find their soul. Not to forget the life lessons that it teaches us, from being able to fit into smaller spaces, time management, daily cardio, ability to anticipate when to get up before your station, locals do it all.

When the city was shut down for the last two years, one thing that people missed apart from the hustle and bustle of the city is train rides. Our ears were deprived of the daily "Pudheel station" and running on the stairs. But with Reels, every Mumbaikar has been documenting their daily local journey and experiences. Although we have the chance to travel, these Reels on Mumbai local trains have made us fall in love with them all over again.

Check them out!

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