People took to Twitter to share their funny memes by trending Lockdown 2 after PM Narendra Modi announced that the lockdown is extended until May 3rd.

The whole country dedicated themselves in front of their screens as PM Narendra Modi on Tuesday made a nation-wide address. The country that has been under lockdown for 20 days, was awaiting an official statement by the PM on April 14th. PM, however, stated that the country is facing a major issue and that it is only because of the early efforts taken by the government and the people that it was able to curb any further spread of the virus. He announced that the lockdown has been extended until May 3rd as it has become a need of the hour. As soon as the news broke, people began to share memes by trending Lockdown 2 on Twitter.

Check out the Lockdown 2 memes shard by Tweeple:

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