India’s COVID-19 lockdown extended by the government until May 3rd and also after close examination the states with no hotspots after April 20th will get a relaxation period.

PM Narendra Modi addressed the people of India on Tuesday regarding the current Coronavirus situation. PM talked to the countrymen on 14th April which was supposed to be the last day of the nation-wide lockdown. The country’s lockdown extended until May 3rd according to this address. He also said that this lockdown will be super strict until April 20th to keep a check on how each state is implementing the norms of the lockdown. After closely observing each state and district, the once that have followed every norm will be allowed to resume some important activities with certain conditions. These states will have to make sure that there is no increase in hotspots in the areas. PM also mentioned the increase in the number of Coronavirus labs in India which stands at 220 labs working in the front. The further guidelines for the extensive lockdown will be released on Wednesday.

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Take a look at PM’s address: