Take a look at all that our favourite Lola Kutty had to talk about lockdown and Bollywood. She also thanked her fans for all the love.

A lot has changed when it comes to entertainment on Television over the years. Even though we love these current shows, we have our own special place for shows from the past. VH1‘s show featuring theatre artist and former VJ Anuradha Menon as Lola Kutty is undoubtedly one of them.

Many of us have grown up watching her on the show. A perfect example of fun and entertainment, this show was one of our guilty pleasures. And fans become all excited when Anu Menon brought our favourite character back by posting a video on her Instagram. She dressed up in her classic Lola avatar wearing a saree, glasses and gajra entertaining us through these times. She shared her thoughts on lockdown, cracked jokes and talked about how Bollywood celebrities are spending their lockdown period. She also thanked her fans for reminding her that they miss her and for all the love.

Take a look at what Lola Kutty had to say:

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