Saloni Chopra tells us everything a woman should do to become a "good wife"

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Check out how Saloni Chopra takes all the women through her guide of becoming a good wife.

Women in India are always asked to be and behave in a certain way. Talking about adjusting, being 'flexible', listening to others, and pleasing everyone as these are supposed to be all the qualities that make a good wife. Being a good wife is what every girl's life ultimately leads to and society always makes sure that these rules are enforced on women. Indian women after a certain age find themselves surrounded by people who want them to get married or are interested in knowing their intentions on the same. And this got even scarier after these rules made it to our favourite streaming site with Netflix's Indian Matchmaking. Ever since the show aired people can't stop cringing over it. But it's not the only problematic visual content on the subject out there. And Saloni Chopra also shared her take on the subject and several other such videos.

And people shared their disgust over the show's questionable idea of getting people married. Indian content creator Saloni Chopra had her own way of expressing her dissent. Saloni is someone who is known for being vocal and active about social issues. She has always talked her heart out and pointed out all the flaws that women get to face on a daily basis. Her Instagram is more like therapy and positivity and that is all we need in the online space. She recently made a post on her Instagram where she gave steps that will make for a perfect and good wife.

The post is refreshing as Saloni Chopra's how-to steps are all about telling women to respect themselves, to be independent, to not be after to love, to do what they feel like and everything else that every woman needs to hear right now.

Check out this post by Saloni Chopra:

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HOW TO BE A GOOD 1950’s WIFE: if some weird dude on youtube can give advice to my women, then I’ve decided an unmarried me can do it 💯 times better. Step 1: for starters wake up & realise it’s actually 2020, so you shouldn’t aim to be a woman in the 1950s - because you simply cannot. Step 2: Lucky for you, 2020 is a slightly better year to be a woman, get an education. Study. The degree isn’t important but being an able, financially independent woman is. I don’t care if you want to work or stay home, that’s between you & your partner but what you MUST do, is be capable of earning money if / when / ever needed. Step 3: Meet a human you love, that loves & respects your choices. Step 4: Marry them (because you know, this is a how-to tutorial for wives) Step 5: Cook whatever you want, wearing whatever you want. Seriously not everything is a man’s bedroom fantasy, sometimes it’s great to just DO what you love (in my case, 👙) Step 6: Have babies / don’t have babies. Adopt / don’t adopt - a wife isn’t always a mother & a mother ain’t always a wife, screw the rules 🤷🏽‍♀️ Step 7: They’ll try to break you, so build a stronger system. Step 8: Don’t cook if you don’t want to. Take a break. Don’t do things that make you unhappy or feel undervalued. Step 9: Wear nice underwear, for yourself, you sexy little thing. Step 10: You’re not obliged to speak to anyone in his / your family that doesn’t respect you. Last time I checked, definition of a “wife” was not a creature that lacks self respect or an identity & must fix everything between everyone. Step 11: Be kind, & be empathetic, but set boundaries (oh sorry this was a how-to-be-human step) Step 12: Say NO to dishonesty, abuse, violence. Step 13: Walk away if the abuse doesn’t stop - guess what? You actually have the choice to leave, because you followed Step 2 & can earn a living for yourself. Step 14: if marriage is what you’ve always wanted, then fuck it, try again - try a hundred times if that’s what it takes! You deserve to be happy & be loved. Those that judge you for having multiple relationships aren’t paying your bills, & if they are, then you’re not following the steps, are you? #women #wife #howto

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