Looking for signs from God? Well, He’s on Twitter now just for you!

Mansi Mirani
New Update

Remember the times when you were doubtful and your parents would say stuff like, ‘God wouldn’t want you to do this’ or ‘Don’t worry, God has big plans for you’? Guess what, all He wants is for you to shut up (no kidding!) and seems in no mood to be creating plans for anyone! How do we know? Well, Twitter duh.

It just so happens that we came across God’s Twitter handle (@TheTweetOfGod). Yes, you read it right; and no of course it’s not the Almighty himself –it’s a hilarious parody account! The creator tweets as if he’s impersonating God and they’re all very sarcastic. And might I say, if you’re not a fan of sarcasm, these are gonna come with a pinch of salt for you.

Here are just a few to make you count your ‘blessings’:

1. As Vir Das would put it: ‘Trump is America’s arranged marriage’.

2. I think the ‘shit in general’ was referring to us humans.

3. I’m definitely not saying this tweet has utmost relevance in the current situation. Nope.

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4. God should have stopped after animals, honestly.

5. I have never seen a line summing up modern relationships more aptly.

6. Seriously though, the climate degradation rate is scary. Can we please focus on the real issues now?

7. Gentle reminder for those who seem to forget that the planet has a sun to revolve around instead of them.

8. Why do I feel like I’d say, ‘Thank You’ instead of being scared?

9. Told ya, He really does want you to shut up.

10. I’ve found the perfect sticker to put up on my headboard.

11. Now wait a second, hold on. You’re saying that it’s not society's birth right to meddle in our lives? What?

12. Hitting us right where it hurts.

13. At this point, even humans are a threat to humanity.

14. Mandir yahi banega?

15. Tough choices.

16. Me to myself at 2 am every night.

17. Not to be mean or anything but seriously people, high time we start accepting ourselves for what we are: a bunch of flaws.

18. And anyway, wouldn’t it be cooler to die from a meteor than a machine gun?

19. To all the people hiding under the umbrella of ‘Freedom of Speech’, here’s your answer.

20. The present isn’t looking very bright either at the moment, is it?

Felt a kick in your gut? Laughed your heart out? Both at the same time? Well, sarcasm does have a way to get to people in the most creative ways possible. And if you don’t mind brutal honesty and want it without the philosophical baggage –we just served you with the best option!

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