Twitter never runs out of its supply of humor, and always serves it to us in a unique plate. Be it memes, funny tweets, or even digs on other people –netizens these days seem to be able to make everything comical. While this stream of ‘everything is funny’ has both its pros and cons, let’s look on the brighter side today!

We stumbled upon a Mukesh Ambani parody account recently (yes, you read it right he has guts!) and it has us in fits of laughter! The creator goes by the handle @AmbaniHu and posts hilarious tweets, as Mukesh Ambani. The tweets are basically an exaggeration of the Ambanis’ wealthiness and how they can buy anything they want (which might be true, all jokes apart!).

Take a look:

1. Sartaj, Gaitonde, Katekar –sab apni jeb me hai

2. Even dreaming about them is expensive.

3. People keep saying they’re a free bird –well, you know now where to land.

4. All is definitely wealth in this household.

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5. At least he has a stable job even though GOT is over.

6. I don’t think our currencies would be of any use in Asgard anyway.

7. And wore Ravenclaw’s diadem as the birthday hat, isn’t it?

8. Now this is outright ‘blowing it out of proportion’ –no goa plans have been successful without at least 5 cancellations first!

9. Ugh, it is so angering when people just slash off the prices? Like, is that even allowed?

10. Honestly, if it ever happened, it would be scary af! What will happen to the common folk?

11. I don’t think my math would improve even then.

12. So can we expect actual missiles launching for Diwali?

13. Enter the kitchen Mr. Ambani, he’s probably yelling at your cooks too.

14. Would that finally break the curse of no one ever looking good in passport sized pictures?

15. I have a feeling they have a 3-rounds contest before hiring a maid too.

16. Ouch.

17. Ouch x2.

18. Some nerve Mr. Buffet, some nerve.

19. Seriously, Tharoor should at least be the starter package, right?

20. Same bruh.

Laughing hard yet? Well, you’re in for more. The creators have also made fake accounts of other Ambanis such as, Isha Ambani (@ambani_ki_pari), and Anant Ambani (@Mukesh_ka_beta)

Money will solve most of your problems, but laughter is the best medicine, and guess what? At least the latter comes at no cost!