Game of Thrones is over: Are fans over it or all over it?

Jagruti Verma
May 20, 2019 08:45 IST
Game of Thrones

To the fans of Game of Thrones, Twitter has been a battlefield the past few weeks. Here's a glimpse into the verdict after the last episode

Game of Thrones is over — or is it? A show that created such a whirlwind in the world is bound to be remembered for long. Over a million people came together to sign a petition for Season 8 to be written again. Twitterverse has documented each emotion individuals felt during these episodes, in detail. Here, we bring you a facet of this depth, wrapped with a release of emotions worth a decade of a wait.

Emotions ran super high

Appreciating the director's cut

Can you really hate them?

Never the lonely wolf

All hail the one true dragon queen

They grew up to their destiny

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Tyrion is successful and how!

Not all characters get the dues

Game of Thrones explained in a tweet

Drogon knew what he was doing!

When emotions run high

Mis-en-scene is key!

Forged with dragon fire, the Iron Throne stood

There's always another side (...)

Disappointments came aplenty

The one thing the world agrees on!

Until next time, maybe?

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