Take a look at all the crazy and thirsty tweets people shared all because former One Direction member, Louis Tomlinson grew his hair.

Although the famous boy band, One Direction broke up and they are no longer playing together, each member of the band has their own fan base. People are so loyal that they follow and appreciate every little achievements and moment in their life. Louis Tomlinson has the internet gushing over him after he posted a video of his upcoming concert.

While the singer shared a rehearsal video before his next concert, fans were not just excited about his show but more than that.

The comments on the tweet went on to become a trend. And the trend was about his hair. Yes, you heard it right, fans could not help but notice his long hair under the cap and have been praising it since. Some even compared it to his former fellow bandmate Harry Styles and it is the cutest thing.

Here’s how fans reacted to it:

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