Some songs are timeless and Lucky Ali for sure knows how to create one!

If you are straight outta 90s you’ll know that the 90s was a golden era. It was the era that taught you no iPods are better than a Walkman, no comics can entertain you better than Chacha Chaudhary comics and there is definitely no better superhero than Shaktimaan.

What also made this era even more amazing was the music. The music that taught every kid in the ’90s how to groove, dance and express love. We had a number of singers and music directors who made an impact on our lives. Even though the music today is as entertaining as it can be, there is simply no match to ’90s Indie bands and artists such as the Indian Ocean, Bombay Vikings, KK etc. One such artist from the ’90s is Maqsood Mohamood Ali aka Lucky Ali.

Lucky Ali made his Indian music debut, more like he began charming every 90s kid ever since his music album Sunoh was launched. Apart from his amazing music and raw voice, his music videos had cute love stories that made us all fall in love. His songs take us right back in time whenever we hear them.

Here are some of the best songs that we have picked out. Check them out.

 1. Na tum jano na hum

2. Sunoh

3. Anjaani Raho me

4. O Sanam

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5. Kabhi issa lagta hai

6. Aa bhi ja

7. Teri yaadein aati hai

8. Ek pal ka jeena

The stream of nostalgia just hit us hard.

Which one of these Lucky Ali songs do you like? Let us know in the comment below.