If you’re looking for a sign to feel like the beautiful, intelligent and incredible person that you are, then these reels by Luke Franchina are it.

Life can be tough sometimes. The people we meet, the challenges we face make us wonder about where we stand. We tend to doubt ourselves and question every decision we make. At these times, all we need is for someone to share their positive, empowering words with us. And Luke Franchina is here to help with just that.

This ‘delicious apple pie with whipped cream and cherry on top’ man is doing his best to spread positivity online. Comedian and now an internet celebrity, Luke has been sharing videos reminding everyone how worthy and amazing anyone watching his videos is. From wanting us to know that we’re a bad bitch and that no one can tell us otherwise to making us believe that we need to be treated well by any person that we’re in a relationship with, Luke is dropping some affirmation bombs every day. He suggests that if the man in your life is not letting you know how much he loves you and appreciates your existence then you should ‘dumb their ass.’ He is a scrumptious little human being who is putting a smile on our faces. If you are having a bad day, then watch these videos by Luke. They will definitely lift your spirits.

Watch these amazing videos here!

Hi, and thank you for existing Luke! Keep these videos coming!!

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