Game of Thrones has given us glimpses into the worlds of strong female characters. Among these, Lyanna Mormont is the youngest and one you must never mess with

As the present residents of Winterfell prepare for battle, we see a ferocious Lyanna Mormont talking her cousin down for suggesting that she must stay safe, away from the war. This is just one of many scenes we love her for. She was the strongest one who stood for Jon and Sansa, fiercely taking on far older men, teaching us all lessons of loyalty.

She is not even a teen yet!

She is not a child either!

Loyalties are earned. Hear, hear!

Sit down, my dear warrior cousin

Do you ~really~ think you can mess with me?

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The ONLY queen we need

Totally second that!

Each shall fight like ten of yours!

YAS! *screams*

Is there any other character worth being this loyal to?

I hope we live to see this day

Their talk would make so many people kneel!

To sum up!