Make your day 'cheddar' with these Mac and Cheese recipes

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Mac and Cheese recipes

As an appreciation to this sideline staple or main dish or the king of comfort food, we have made a list of various delicious Mac and Cheese recipes by food bloggers.

Who doesn't need a good amount of Mac and Cheese to get over all the stress that one feels? A hot bowl of mac & cheese can only make one's life easier, or should we say 'cheesier!' Mac & cheese is one dish that makes for the perfect combo of two of the divine dishes, macaroni and cheese. Combining them together delivers the most soul-satisfying dish. The man who inverted this heavenly dish needs to be appreciated. Period. It is also the comfort food we all need when we are sad or the one we need when we are dead hungover. Every cheese lover connects with this dish on a different level. While it may seem easy to make, any day is a good day to try out new Mac and Cheese recipes instead of the classic.

Take a look at these Mac & Cheese recipes:

Hope these tasty recipes will Mac you happy!

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