Madhur Bhandarkar is that filmmaker who brings journalistic instinct into his films!

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Madhur Bhandarkar is that filmmaker who brings journalistic instinct into his films!

From Fashion, Page 3 to Chandni Bar, Madhur Bhandarkar's films bring the limelight to the world that otherwise lurks behind the glamour of a profession!

Other than being entertaining, films are also a form of art that mirrors society. And when they're Madhur Bhandarkar films you know that they dig deep. He's one of the rare filmmakers that bring a journalistic approach to filmmaking with his films. Most of his films are about a particular profession and bring into the limelight the ugly side of it which hides behind in the shadow of shining glamour and dazzle. He goes in-depth with investigative analysis to bring to the forefront what is unseen to most about that specific world. Be it in the world of modeling, the film industry, politics, or dance bars, he brings such a unique take to films and that's what makes us miss his storytelling.

He is the recipient of the National award and has been nominated many times for films like Chandni Bar, Traffic Signal, Fashion, and Page 3. He's also honored with a Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian honor. And each of the protagonists of his films who are spearheading the story forward is always a woman. Bhandarkar is a hard-hitting filmmaker who says it as it is in society, unapologetically.

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Here are some films of Madhur Bhandarkar from his filmography!

The film industry and modeling


Page 3


Calendar Girls

Sex work and bar dancing

Chandni Bar



Indu Sarkar

Corporate world


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