A content creator, Rohit Chouhan mixed Maggi with Vimal paan masala and people can’t help but felt triggered by it!

Experimenting with food is something that pleases food lovers and you can see people experimenting with their food on social media. Sometimes these experiments may feel a bit bizarre to you but nothing can be as weird as Maggi and Vimal paan masala. Yes, you heard it right. A content creator, Rohit Chouhan on Instagram shared this weird combination and the video shows him opening Vimal pan masala and pouring it on Maggi. He continues mixing it well and enjoys eating it while sitting on his bike. Maybe he pretended to enjoy it, at least that’s what people wish to hear! He captioned the video with “Dane dane me kesar ka dam”

After watching the man eating tobacco-based pan masala with Maggi, netizens were triggered and they showed it in the comments. As many food bloggers ruin Maggi with weird combinations and of course the video was created for humor, so many people found it hilarious!

Here’s how people reacted!

What goes well with your bowl of Maggi though?

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