Check out how people on Twitter shared their disgust with Maggi Panipuri after a user shared it on the site.

Looks like people have gone a bit crazy when it comes to food. Ever since people have been in quarantine, many have turned into chefs. They’ve been sharing all the recipes that they have tried during this lockdown period. While some are interesting and look delicious, there are some that have left the internet questioning their tastebuds. The viral Maggi Panipuri is a good example of the same.

A Twitter user shared a picture of a Panipuri stuffed with Maggi. Yes, the face you just made replicates the emotions of most netizens. People have been cringing over the whole idea of two things they love. They have not taken it well and are calling it the worst thing to happen in 2020 (besides the crises, of course).

Take a look at how Twitter reacted to Maggi Panipuri:

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We are sorry you had to see this.