Maharashtra starts e-token system for liquor sales to avoid cover-crowding outdoors

Aanchal Mohta
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Maharashtra e token liquor

Maharashtra government introduced an e-token system for liquor sales to keep up with the state revenue after the public defied social distancing norms.

Maharashtra government introduced an e-token system for the sale of liquor after witnessing violation of social distancing norms. It is done on a pilot basis from Sunday 10th of May, 2020. Under the system, an individual has to first register themselves on the state excise departments portal and then buy alcohol in the liquor shops. Only those owning the tokens can go to the shops physically which will prevent long queues of people outside alcohol shops. Mumbai municipality has made a decision to keep 1,169 liquor shops shut within its jurisdiction momentarily. Osmanabad and Lathur have also come together to cancel permissions to alcohol stores. The demand for online liquor sales is encouraged due to the squeezing state revenue keeping in mind the uncertain extended lockdown due to COVID-19. The Arvind Kejriwal government has already started the e-token system to avoid over-crowding at alcohol shops in New Delhi.

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