From Mahesh Keshwaala's talk show to the upcoming season of Farzi Mushaira, this weekly creator's wrap-up has it all!

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weekly creator's wrap-up

This week has been all about interesting releases and announcements, so let's take a look at everything that happened in this weekly creator's wrap-up.

We have been proud of our creators and entertained by them at the same time this week as they released and announced some new projects. Scroll through this weekly creator's wrap-up to know more.

Mahesh Keshwala aka Thugesh, launched his own chat show, named ‘The Thugesh Show’. He ventured into a new realm of entertainment. Inspired by the popular ‘The Tonight Show’, Thugesh's new show will surely be a treat for the Indian audience. With his first episode, he dived into some amazing behind the scene conversations and jokes with his first guest-Bhuvan Bam. We hope to see more such interesting episodes that will be available on his YouTube channel. We all love Mushairas but Zakir Khan's Farzi has a separate fan base and we can expect a lot of that to come our way as he recently shared a fun video indicating the release of a brand new season on Amazon mini TV.

Harshita Mittal, a creator and Brand Strategist is going viral for a project that she did where of her clients pitched a product in Shark Tank India. We all have goals and achieving them in real life gives us immense happiness and she got to experience this since she worked on the product's packaging which was acknowledged by the judges. The excitement she showed after she found out about the same is a reaction that the audience has been loving. Aanvi aka Glocal journal seems to be having a good start to the year as she shares about her recent trip to London. Speaking of goals, not all of us are having a good time being disciplined about our resolutions. A recent collab of Ahsaas Channa and Ayushi Gupta is all about how some of us have stopped caring about making it a good year for various reasons.

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Here's more that happened this week:

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