6 NYE resolutions by your fave content creators can be your guide for 2023!

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6 NYE resolutions by your fave content creators can be your guide for 2023!

2023 is nearly here and we're once again saying hello to new beginnings and lots of opportunities where we'll mess up too. Most importantly, we're about to sit down and make some NYE resolutions like these creators!

At the end of every year, we come up with resolutions for the year to follow and whatever we fill that list with, there is always something that remains unchecked and we're learning to be fine with that! Sometimes, you can't do it all and anyway we've got like 12 months in a year to do it all so take your time. While we prepare for NYE and get excited about yet another new beginning, we have so much to let go of and adapt to in 2023. As we see the brightest year coming towards our way, some of our favourite creators feel the same and share their own resolutions with us. From being more creative with their content to putting mental health on top of their priority list in 2023 and more, these creator's NYE resolutions will def inspire you to change some things on your NYE resolution list. If nothing, they'll definitely push you to make a list of your own, if you haven't already!

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Here's what they had to say!

Vansh Pandya


"New year, new goals, new amendments! Last year had been a roller coaster in my content creation journey so plans are to introduce 30 new characters from my funny universe with 20 new series of short format videos. New year brings new challenges put by myself to connect my short format characters into a long format content. This is one of the most important and challenging goals where I would connect my characters with long format topics for next level of content. Stepping onto my side hustle, I have been part of NFT and the Meta verse so this new year brings up big things for me. I want to create an NFT Club for my community. Other stereotypical resolutions of mine remain the same - wake up on time, work out and meditate daily, read financial literacy books and sleep on time. Thank the lows and bow down to loss, learn and win so success becomes your twin."

Dhruv Gupta


"2022 was a year of several ups and downs for me and the people I love and care for. My top most NYE resolution would be to help encourage dialogue about mental health, and reduce the stigma around getting help. Whether it’s being there for a friend or directing them to a mental health professional, I want to be able to be a tiny stepping stone in someone’s path to getting better. It’s a long journey but super rewarding nonetheless, and it all begins with a leap of faith. In 2023, I hope to see several breakthroughs come to life."

Priyal Tiwari


"My main focus in 2023 is gonna be me, my mental health, my physical health. Along with that I wanna really start tracking my finance, I’m gonna create a budget and try to stick to it. Also I have to take a solo trip soon!"

Raghav Sharma


"As every other NYE, even this year I’ve decided to make a resolution towards which I can work with my full potential. This time I've decided to work hard every day and try out new things, experiment things outside my comfort zone and grow in the field of content creation."

Hiba H


"Every year I list out my resolutions as a set of actions, but in 2023 I'm choosing to focus on developing my character by building an honest relationship with myself. My biggest aim is to practice consistency. Even if I fail to remain consistent for one day (or more), I hope to bounce right back and try again. My second resolution is to listen to myself more and trust my intuition. There are a million opinions out there, but mine will be prioritised because Hiba knows what Hiba wants and deserves. Here's to a more fulfilled and peaceful future! Cheers!"



"There are couple of resolutions that I make every year and then I don't follow them, by the end of the year I am like oh 'yeh reh gaya'. I'll tell you about them though! Eat healthy and take care of my physical health by working out and joining a gym. This time my resolution is to not make any resolutions. I hope this time I am able stick to my resolution and I think it's best because you perform best when there's no pressure, right?"

What are your resolutions in 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

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