The Urban Monk's 'The Maid Song' left us feeling "same here''

Shachi Lavingia
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The Urban Monk aka Kierti wrote a maid song about missing her house help during the lockdown and we're relating so hard!

The lockdown life hasn't been easy on any of us. Right from the first lockdown in March last year, it's been so hard to juggle between working from home, doing our share of household chores, reading up about the pandemic or something along those lines, and trying to look after our mental health. We don't know about you, but we sure were missing our house help just about a week into the lockdown. When you're left to do everything by yourself, it makes you wonder how hard it must be for people who do this every day, and not just during the pandemic, no? We're realizing the value of house help so much more now!

Kierti aka The Urban Monk is a singer and songwriter who also takes workshops on how to play the ukulele called 'Uke can do it'. Often, she goes live on Instagram where she sings acoustic versions of songs while playing the ukulele. Listening to her sing pretty much takes away the stress of your nine to five, we're not kidding! Her voice and energy are both so soothing that they instantly leave you feeling lighter. Kierti wrote a song about missing her maid during the lockdown. And once you listen to it, you're going to be left feeling, "Me too!"

Check it out!

Thinking of writing an open letter to your domestic help after listening to this? We too!

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