Check out what Malala Yousufsai reveals about her plans after graduation in the British Vogue Magazine’s July issue.

One of the biggest activists in the world, Malala Yousufsai became the new face of Vogue’s July issue. She is known for her ‘fight for girls’ education’ campaign around the world. Apart from being a not-so-regular teen activist, Malala is also an author and survivor. She graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and as she steps out, the world cannot wait to know more about her future plans.

In the July edition of British Vogue Magazine, Malala talked about what she plans on doing to continue with her work in activism. She talked about how excited she was to experience university life as she never had the opportunity to be with students of her own age as she was recovering from the incident and traveling the world to publish her book. In the interview with the magazine, Malala revealed her new venture with AppleTV+ while also talking about the launch of Extracurricular, a brand-new production company. The production company will be focused on creating projects that will include documentaries on serious issues, such as girls’ education and women’s rights. She also talked about her surprise venture into comedy.

The activist spoke about following a culture, the importance of wearing a hijab, and even her ideas about love and relationships. British Vogue Editor-in-Chief, Edward Enninful shared his own note on Instagram while revealing the July cover.

Take a look:

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