The needle has turned, as India will be getting the world’s first male contraceptive injections as a replacement for a surgical vasectomy.

Female contraceptives have been in the market for a long time. While sex is enjoyed by both male and female equally the fear of pregnancy and the downside of the unwanted pregnancy is usually on the female partner with no proper and effective male contraceptive available in the market. Females always end up popping pills that have their own side-effects from mood swings, weight gain to long-lasting ones.

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While the fact that male sperms can impregnate 360 women in a year, but a woman can get pregnant once a year itself speaks about the importance of male contraceptives. Isn’t it easy to unload a gun than to shoot a bulletproof vest?

Many efforts have been in the pipelines, so to speak, in creating safe and effective male contraceptive. Pills, lotions and gels have been introduced but these may also affect their sex drive. It is mostly like the scene where Neo from The Matrix had to choose between the green and red pill not knowing what the result of any would be. The good news is that the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has found a male contraceptive injection for men that will hold back the sperms for as long as 13 years. Can you imagine 13 years of not popping pills and having sex without the fear of unwanted pregnancy and any side-effects? This sounds like something we can all get behind, no?! The product is sent to the Drug Controller General of India for clinical examination, while other options like pills are still being vetted.

The only question is, are the guys ready to get themselves injected? I mean, it sure sounds scary, but as they say ‘Dar ke aage jeet hai!’ or ‘darr ke aage unexpected parenthood ka stress nahi hai’.