Check out how a man’s e-pass request in Kerala became a bizarre conversation because he misspelled a word.

This pandemic has been quite an experience. Traveling, even to what was otherwise within reach, without permission has become an offense. For people to travel during these times and to reduce any further spread of the virus, the officials have come up with new restrictions and precautionary measures. One of them includes carrying an e-pass for emergency purposes. The e-pass is almost like permission to step out of their homes, only if you have a valid reason. And the officials have been receiving a lot of e-pass requests for the same.

The Kerala police department was stunned once they received a request that was bizarre and unbelievable. A man in Kannur put up a request which read that he wanted to ‘go for sex’ in the evening. The request left the department in a total conundrum making them reach out to the Assistant Commissioner of Police. The department was then informed to locate the person making this weird request. The person was then questioned only to realize that he accidentally misspelled in the request form. He intended to write ‘six o’clock’ and wrote ‘sex o’clock’ instead and the application was submitted without him realizing this mistake. While the person was allowed to go, the internet however did not let it go. People couldn’t stop talking about the funny mistake and took to Twitter to talk about it.

Take a look:

That is why you should always pay attention to your spellings, kids. Don’t reply rely on auto-correct.

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