Amongst all the unfortunate incidents that we hear about everyday, it is a breath of fresh air when something positive comes along. And that dose of positivity was given to us by Poonam Khinchi who shared the beautiful story of an auto rickshaw driver –Manju.

While traveling, Poonam was pleasantly surprised when she saw her auto driver’s long and pink painted nails. On asking about them, Manju replied that she was preparing for Eid. Now that her curiosity was piqued, she probed further and by the time the journey ended, she had a touching story with her.

Manju is a transgender, and lives with her boyfriend. She used to work in a hotel earlier but was fired due to her gender identity and sexual orientation. She has been driving an auto for the past five years but is still scared of doing it late at nights because of of some insensitive people that tease her relentlessly.

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Poonam Khinchi shared this story on her Facebook and Instagram handle and it warmed everyone’s hearts.

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#poonism #localmeinvocal So happy to meet this gracious autowaali from Bombay. When I first noticed the painted nails I thought this man must have some mannat with I just said "itnaaa lambha nakhun" And then I hear a sweet humble voice – Didi Eid ki tayaari Kar rahi hoon" Me – with a huge smile on my face started to chat up with her.. Her name is manju.. lives with her boyfriend. She was working in a hotel but was fired bcoz of her sexual preference..Hence decided to ride an auto for a living for the past 5 years. She dreads to ride the auto after 11pm due to some fucktards dick-heads who teases her..trouble the shit out of her ? So Proud to see her fight against all odds and rides like a queen on the street of Mumbai ❤️ Thank you manju for a super ride ? @officialhumansofbombay #mumbaistory #lgbtq @mirchimumbai #citylife #autowaali

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It brings such joy to read something like this, especially during #Pride month, which is all about empowering the LGBTQ+ community. We hope all our brothers and sisters of this group find the courage like Manju and lice fearlessly.