Mannat Sandhu shares her most preferred looks for the upcoming season and we can't wait for you to try these

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Mannat Sandhu shares her most preferred looks for the upcoming season and we can't wait for you to try these

The chilly winter and dazzling weddings are around the corner and it asks for better and bolder makeup. Here's Mannat Sandhu suggesting some quick and effective makeup looks.

Winter is here and so is the dazzling wedding season where winter makeup looks are what we look forward to. While summer and spring are the seasons for light and subtle makeup, winter looks are more dramatic and substantial. Fashion and beauty content creator, Mannat Sandhu is here to share such looks with us. If you too are into comforting chic makeup and are fond of using a lot of blush, you will definitely fall in love with the kind of looks she pairs with her outfits.

Also, wedding season is here and that means it's that time of the year when you take out all your glitter palettes, dark lipsticks, and heavy blushes that have been collecting dust in your closet. Everyone has their own style of applying makeup and everyone's got a different preference too. And thankfully, beauty bloggers today, have something for everyone! Mannat Sandhu's recommendations are proof!

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Check out what she has to say!

This is the look for those who want to glam up and look subtle at the same time. My go-to makeup look for the season has to be brown smoky eyes. It's the easiest and the quickest eye makeup look. All I do is apply a thin eyeliner and use a kajal and brown eyeshadow to smudge the liner with a tapered brush and finish the look with a lot of mascara. For the base, I like a dewy look with a lot of blush and for my lips, I like to go with a lighter shade of pink as it goes with my outfit.

Tip: Apply red color corrector on the cheeks under the foundation for the most natural-looking blush.

This look is for those who want that no-makeup look for their everyday outing. It's quick to do and suitable for times when you are in a hurry. For eyes, I use bronzer as eyeshadow and thin-winged eyeliner. For the base, I mix some orange color corrector with a concealer and apply it on my under eyes and dark spots. This is the perfect everyday look for winter.

Tip: If you mess up your eyeliner, use some black eyeshadow or Kajal to smudge it and make it look smokey.

The next look that I love doing when I have some time on my hands, is the foxy eye makeup look. It's very simple but can be time-consuming. I start with doing a simple winged liner and I extend it to the inner corner. Now if I have messed up the liner, I'll go ahead and smudge it with some black eyeshadow. Then, I'll finish it up with a highlighter on the brow bone and on the inner corner of the eyes. For eyebrows, using brow soap I will brush the hair upwards and then run the wand horizontally across the top edge of the brow. This will angle the top of the hair slightly downward, yet giving a lifted eye makeup look. For the base, I like to mix bronzer and blush and apply it on the high points of the cheekbones and on the forehead just below the hairline.

Tip: Mix a foundation that is darker than your shade with a blush and applies it for the perfect chiseled look.


Winter looks are defined by your eye makeup! And here's how I do my eyes.

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