Manushi Chillar's Instagram will reinstate your faith in humanity!

Mrinil Mathur
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Manushi Chillar's Instagram

A dream that has fascinated innumerable young girls throughout their childhood for decades, being Miss World, was a dream Manushi Chillar realized a few months ago. Her Instagram profile reflects how effectively she has banked on her popularity to change the world with kindness!

Before we move towards talking about Manushi Chillar’s Instagram profile, let us revisit this heart-pounding moment that made her the sixth Indian woman to conquer the Miss World title.

After conquering the world, and receiving a thunderous welcome on her return to India, her journey as Miss World had only begun. Manushi Chillar loves two things, to have fun and bring joy to the underprivileged.

After briefly savouring her newfound status, she began to employ her popularity to bring about awareness and change to a number of trivial issues in society such as imparting education about menstrual hygiene, lending her support to low-cost sanitary napkins, and working for the welfare of children affected by Down’s Syndrome.
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Manushi Chillar’s Instagram depicts her joy and happiness at being part of something bigger and not only enjoying her well-deserved limelight but using it for the benefit of others! Behold..

Way to go Manushi. You make us all proud.

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