Here’s how Mardaani 2's villain Sunny personified social evils on screen

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Take a look at how a young teenage scared us and got us hooked with his villainy self in Mardaani 2 with his character of Sunny.

It is really disturbing to see people play a negative role in movies that talk about real-life issues and problems. There are a lot of issues that need attention, especially in India and movies only help in spreading awareness about the same. Rape and atrocities against women are one such major issue. Rani Mukherjee starrer Mardaani 2 has been able to focus on this issue in the most effective way possible. While we all appreciated the movie plot, it was the villain, Sunny, in the movie that caught us by our gut and left us horrified.

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Showing us what evil to the bone means, Sunny made us grind our teeth in anger every time he came on-screen. He finds his pleasure in torturing women and young girls. Sunny may have the face of an innocent boy who no one will ever suspect to be of a gruesome being, but he is all that makes the most terrible villain. What makes him even scarier is the fact that he is a 21-year-old who thinks that he can hurt and overpower women because they are weak and he is on an upper hand when it comes to physical strength. He is a product of age-old misogyny and chauvinist ideas of society. The ways in which he kills his victims is an example of all of his terrible thoughts.

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The actor who plays the role of Sunny, Vishal Jethwa went all in with his debut movie Mardaani 2. He is a popular Television face who has been part of some well-known shows. He is known for portraying Akbar on Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap which aired on Sony TV. He has also played negative characters in his Television career and has aced it making people hate him. His role as Sunny drew a lot of attention from the critics and audiences alike. He surely made his mark in the industry with this performance.

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Here is one of the iconic dialogue by Sunny:

"Aaj Shame Se Pahle Ek Aur Laundia Utha Raha Hu. 2 Din me wo Bhi Kisi Naale Mein Bahti Huyi Milegi. Dum Hai to Rok Le."

"Jab kisi time admi bohot kha lebe hai, toh issa lage hai jaise aaj pure din bhook na lagne ki hai. Par issa hota na hai. Haa ek-had ghanta der se hi sahi.. par pet me vo hi gurad-gurad ki awaaz aane lage hai. Talap. Talap ka bhi kuch isse hi hai. Ek ber talap ka pura karne se kuch na hota. Ulta alagi ber aur zor se ser padak lebe hai. Par kuch logo ke talap ke samne toh saali bhuk ki b nhi chalti, jaise ki mein."

"Kahavat hai ki chul chul ko keechti hai. Jo aurat khud ko marad samjke tashan dikhane lage, samjlo ussme bohot chul hai."

Mardaani 2 (2019)

Vishal sure made a stunning debut with his character as Sunny.

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