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Moon Knight trailer

“I can't tell the difference between my waking life and dreams.” Marvel dropped the new Oscar Isaac and Ethane Hawke starrer Moon Knight trailer and fans are super pumped.

After an incredible 2021, fans are all set and ready to welcome 2022 as Marvel has a bunch of projects lined up for them this year. The very first to reach the fans will be Marvel's new Disney+ series, Moon Knight. The trailer for the Oscar Isaac starring series was released on Tuesday and fans of the comics and the universe are waiting in anticipation to watch the new superhero in action.

The trailer is filled with chaos, suspense, and fear giving us a glimpse of what is to be expected from the new series. Moon Knight has his own story like our OG six with his own issues that result in him discovering his alter ego. He suffers from a dissociative identity disorder. Someone who has spent most of his life battling mental illness, Marc Spector is a troubled ex-Marine-turned-mercenary for hire. In the comics, Marc is portrayed as having two other personalities with Steven Grant being quite similar to Bruce Wayne from DC comics, a millionaire playboy, and Jake Lockley being a streetwise cab driver.

But the series seemed to have taken a new approach to his character. Oscar Isaac's character Steven Grant, also a mentally unstable hero, will appear as a British man working at the London Museum gift shop who ends up finding himself drawn to the museum’s Egyptian artifacts for reasons he can’t explain. We will be seeing all the conflict that Steven Grant faces while trying to understand the weird, unexplainable things happening to him. In the trailer we see him answering Marc Spector's phone and having no clue about who he is.

Every hero needs a villain to fight and Steven has one in the series too. The other main character that makes an appearance in the trailer is Arthur Harrow played by Ethan Hawke. A mad scientist who's obsessed with ending pain in the human body and ends up having an encounter with our hero. Arthur has only appeared in the comics once but his characters in the show seem to have aspects of some of the other Moon Knight villains. So it will be interesting to see how Marvel has planned to include his character for the series. Between all the chaos, fans also get a small glimpse of the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu giving them even more reason to be excited about the series.

Apart from Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke, the show also features Gaspard Ulliel as Anton Mogart / Midnight Man and May Calamawy. With a total of six 40–50 minute episodes, Moon Knight is directed by Mohamed Diab, Justin Benson, and Aaron Moorhead. It's created by Jeremy Slater (The Umbrella Academy) who is also the head writer for Moon Knight. Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight will start streaming on March 30 on Disney+ Hotstar.

Watch the trailer:

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