Ever found yourself guilt-tripping over having to ask for a plastic bag because you really need to buy something but also want to help save the planet? Well, you will definitely love the idea behind House of Masaba’s new collection that turns clothes into bags!

In association with UNEP India and Ogilvy, the House of Masaba has launched a new clothing line. Conceptualised as I Will Wear Out Plastic, it does exactly that — literally. The limited-edition collection features garments with an element that can be detached and used as a bag. It is an attempt by the label to their bit to contribute in the battle against plastic.

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Why is fashion relevant to the conversation around the environment? There are two key facets to this question. On one hand, the industry is among the biggest contributors to pollution and on the other, as Masaba puts it: “Fashion is a great way to communicate with people. It is light, non-intimating and fun to watch.”

Introducing the collection as one deeply personal to her, Masaba says: I want everyone to make it their own. I never say copy something I have done, but today I will say please copy this one. It is an idea that deserves to be copy and go viral.

I Will Wear Out Plastic was a year and a half in the making. The pieces, priced between 6,000 to 12,000 will be able at House of Masaba stores across the country as well as online. The brand will also be putting up DIY resources online for people to replicate such designs at home and join the movement. It is a war cry, after all.