Fans are loving Masoom Minawala’s trimester video that gives a realistic view of everything unsaid in the life of a pregnant fashion influencer at a fashion week.

We believe that celebrities have different life compared to us, and their struggles, issues, and problems are going to be unique to them. But digital creators bust this myth by being real with us via their content. Talking about the blemishes on their face, their body issues, or even getting upset over one hate comment, sometimes their content is a constant reminder that, like us, they’re human too. Case in point – Masoom Minawala‘s trimester video!

A creator who has become the face of Indian fashion for many global events, Masoom has been giving us an inside scoop on fashion week, and she’s doing it all while being pregnant. She’s given Indian designers an international platform with her thought-through content over the years, and she never fails to give us a new view of the world of fashion. This soon-to-be mom has been giving us major goals with her vibrant and fashionable choices with her cute baby bump.

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Women are superheroes, and they don’t even have to do something extraordinary to prove it. The fact that they can do everything a man and while carrying another human being in them will never fail to amaze us. And Masoom is no different. She surprised us when she shared a video of the time she was pregnant, and no one knew. Following that, she took to Instagram to talk about how her body is changing by giving us a glimpse of how her clothes fit her differently from before. While all of these videos and posts put a smile on our faces, Masoom Minawala’s trimester video also shows us that everything isn’t always rosy just because she’s a celebrity influencer who’s living our dream life at this point.

Among all the glitz and glamour, Masoom has made sure to give her audience a ‘What you see VS what you don’t see.’ She said, “While I focus on showing you guys the highlights of fashion week, it’s not always rainbows and sunshine, there is also rain. And by rain, I mean late nights, sudden cravings, moments of self-doubt, feeling homesick, physically demanding schedules and SO much more.” While she mentions her efforts to strive for a perfect balance, she doesn’t want her followers to get tricked by all the highlights of her life to be her reality. We really need more queens like this around us, tbh!

Today, we’re so grateful for influencers who also like to keep it real every once in a while!

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